Micro-Markets in Minneapolis and St. Paul

Micro-Market Services Minneapolis and St. Paul

Micro-Markets offer fresh, healthy food options in an open market style - a great employee perk that helps promote workplace wellness.

Large Product Selections

Large coolers, displays and racks allow for the most complete product selection of any break room service.

Improves Employee Efficiency

A mini convenience store in your workplace provides onsite selection, convenience and variety to keep employees refreshed, recharged and productive throughout
the workday.

No Vending Hassles

Micro-markets minimize service requests and provide a broader selection of fresh, healthy products in a convenient in-house
market setting.

Reduced Extended Employee Breaks

Staying in-house for breaks, lunches and dinners means employees spend less time away from the office… and more time
being productive.

Improve Corporate Culture

Giving employees more workplace perks improves satisfaction and retention and promotes a positive corporate culture.

Healthy Options

A larger overall selection also means there’s more opportunity to have a large selection of healthier products. The open environment helps make healthier choices easier.

Did You Know?

Not only are micro-markets completely customizable, our vending agreements are customizable as well. We offer the opportunity to make your micro-market a “subsidized” or “free” vending arrangement. This is where you as the employer pays for a portion, or all, of the product expenses so your employees can enjoy a reduced cost. This promotes use of the market, and employees will love the extra fringe benefit.

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